This entire service exists to serve the employers and job seekers of Northern Canada.

Job posts made here on the Handy Job Site are more than simple text based advertisements and can include hyperlinks, pictures and even video. All local businesses and organizations are welcome to make a free Regular listing To help make recruitment efforts even more affordable coupons for free Featured listings are available to eligible employers through our partners.

Employers get an account with their very own company page and all accounts come with a handy dashboard to manage their company profile, job posts and applications. Employers can sign up here to get started.

Job Seekers can get an account of their own, have access to local job opportunities and can even sign-up for a daily or weekly newsletter to get updates on the latest local opportunities. We also pull together a list of job opportunities provided by other employment advertisers, so job hunters have an increased chance of finding opportunities that suit them. Please note that these other jobs listings form across Canada will not be included in the daily or weekly newsletter to prevent excessively long notification emails and also to give local employers an advantage when looking to hire. We also provide an option for job seekers to submit their resumes to TopResume so they can get a free expert review of their resume when they apply for a job posted on the Handy Job Site.

Participating Partners/Sponsors get coupon codes to give out to employers. Coupons typically are used to make Featured listings or to get a discount off other premium services that may be offered through the Handy Job Site.

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